Friday, May 24, 2013



Wonderin' what's behind her name? Knowing her for a very long time..

She is a hardy type of girl, simple and contented  of whatever life brings...Very flexible, she bends without breaking. Her supple beauty is graceful and calming. Yet it is not her looks that attract people. It is her singularity, her uniqueness that make gergerous maximus stand out. She is full of mysteries & inexplicable charm, & that is the main reason why she is always surrounded by admirers.

Gergerous Maximus is spiritually and physically connected,  and is highly intuitive. She follows her intuition more than she would follow logic. She is very powerful despite of her fragile appearance.

She is highly emotional and very responsive to physical sensations; She is very sensually oriented. She is more inclined to trust her feelings..Although she may seem to be gentle and defenseless, in reality she is tough and  well determined. It may not always be obvious, but she is always pursuing a goal, which she always tends to keep top-of-mind.

Gergerous maximus is quite reserved, she don't like to order others around (SOMETIMES MAGTRIPPING UG PANUGO...hahaha...).. Otherwise, she can lose their tact unexpectedly &  something she will regret later. Remaining as Gergerous maximus' friend is not an easy task. She doesn't accept compromises & she will never change her habits; even for the people she loves most.

She easily adapts to different people & situations by finding ways to make herself useful, to hide her vulnerability, she focus attention away from herself. She focus on other people by praising their talents & virtues or by criticizing faulty behavior or personal imperfection, knowing that it could hurt their feelings. She doesn't give a damn as long as she can express what she wants to say.

When it comes to asking for help, she can be very persistent & straightforward, but as soon as her problems gets resolved; she  would go right back right into her daydreaming state of mind. She keeps her emotional distance with others as long as she is not in need. It may be very tempting for others to reach out & help her, seeing her so down & weak, but sometimes it may turn out that she is only putting on a game. Gergerousmaximus  is capable of dealing with her own problems, but what for??? There are plenty of people willing to resolve her issues.

Gergerous maximus despise dull everyday feelings. She tends to blow thinks out of proportion, she tends to exaggerate every single emotion. Even if she doesn't admit it, she is a masochist... She yearns for heartaches, she feed off the suffering, she thrives in separation and she would do anything to feel more alive.

.......All i can say to her ..........
         Don't let your pride get in your way. You tend to be a humble person & you also don't like to admit it when you are wrong. Being right is very closedly entangled with your self confidence. When you make a statement, you have usually researched every facet of what you said before you said it. Right now, though you may know that you are or were wrong about something. Acknowledging that may be hard, but it is necessary for yourself & for someone you love & want to get along with.



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