Friday, May 24, 2013



Wonderin' what's behind her name? Knowing her for a very long time..

She is a hardy type of girl, simple and contented  of whatever life brings...Very flexible, she bends without breaking. Her supple beauty is graceful and calming. Yet it is not her looks that attract people. It is her singularity, her uniqueness that make gergerous maximus stand out. She is full of mysteries & inexplicable charm, & that is the main reason why she is always surrounded by admirers.

Gergerous Maximus is spiritually and physically connected,  and is highly intuitive. She follows her intuition more than she would follow logic. She is very powerful despite of her fragile appearance.

She is highly emotional and very responsive to physical sensations; She is very sensually oriented. She is more inclined to trust her feelings..Although she may seem to be gentle and defenseless, in reality she is tough and  well determined. It may not always be obvious, but she is always pursuing a goal, which she always tends to keep top-of-mind.

Gergerous maximus is quite reserved, she don't like to order others around (SOMETIMES MAGTRIPPING UG PANUGO...hahaha...).. Otherwise, she can lose their tact unexpectedly &  something she will regret later. Remaining as Gergerous maximus' friend is not an easy task. She doesn't accept compromises & she will never change her habits; even for the people she loves most.

She easily adapts to different people & situations by finding ways to make herself useful, to hide her vulnerability, she focus attention away from herself. She focus on other people by praising their talents & virtues or by criticizing faulty behavior or personal imperfection, knowing that it could hurt their feelings. She doesn't give a damn as long as she can express what she wants to say.

When it comes to asking for help, she can be very persistent & straightforward, but as soon as her problems gets resolved; she  would go right back right into her daydreaming state of mind. She keeps her emotional distance with others as long as she is not in need. It may be very tempting for others to reach out & help her, seeing her so down & weak, but sometimes it may turn out that she is only putting on a game. Gergerousmaximus  is capable of dealing with her own problems, but what for??? There are plenty of people willing to resolve her issues.

Gergerous maximus despise dull everyday feelings. She tends to blow thinks out of proportion, she tends to exaggerate every single emotion. Even if she doesn't admit it, she is a masochist... She yearns for heartaches, she feed off the suffering, she thrives in separation and she would do anything to feel more alive.

.......All i can say to her ..........
         Don't let your pride get in your way. You tend to be a humble person & you also don't like to admit it when you are wrong. Being right is very closedly entangled with your self confidence. When you make a statement, you have usually researched every facet of what you said before you said it. Right now, though you may know that you are or were wrong about something. Acknowledging that may be hard, but it is necessary for yourself & for someone you love & want to get along with.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Started with ACEduino 328 in Ubuntu & Debian based Linux Distros

Arduino Clone

I decided to write a tutorial on how to start off with your programming adventure in ACEduino 328 (Arduino clone from Alexan Commercial) under Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions because I met some people who  are having a hard time working this Arduino clone under Linux. Most of their problems is running the customized Arduino IDE for ACEduino (ACEduino IDE) because it only works on Windows even though you run it under wine.

The truth is, whether you are a Windows or a Linux user, you don't need to download the ACEduino IDE and that you can just use the original and official Arduino IDE from Now type or copy the commands below in order to download and untar the file using your terminal:

tar -xvf arduino-1.0.1-linux.tgz

Before running the IDE, make sure were able to install the openjdk-7-jre package in your distribution (openjdk-6-jre, sun's java 6 runtime, the sun-java6-jre package or the oracle JRE 7, should work too), if not type this in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

Then navigate through its directory and run the IDE:

cd arduino-1.0.1

Now plug in your ACEduino 328 to your computer with a USB cable (USB A / B).

Arduino USB connection

The next thing you should do is to setup your board preference. Click on Tools > Board then choose Arduino Dueminalove w/ ATmega328 because ACEduino 328 is compatible with this hardware and the clone of  Arduino Dueminalove.

Now you can start writing your own sketch.

Sample Project: 3 Sequencing Lights

- 3 LEDs
- Arduino Board

The first thing that you need to do is to attach the long leg of the 1st LED (the positive leg which is the anode) to pin 13 and the short leg (the negative leg which is the cathode) to the GND Pin of your Arduino board. Second, attach the long leg of the 2nd LED to pin 12 and its short leg to GND Pin. Third, attach the long leg of the 3rd LED to pin 11 and its short leg to GND Pin. You can also use a breadboard for attaching the legs of the LED just like the image below.


Here is the sample code for the 3 sequencing lights:

int led1 = 13; // 1st LED connected to pin 13
int led2 = 12; // 2nd LED connected to pin 12
int led3 = 11; // 3rd LED connected to pin 11

void setup() 
  // setting the  three digital pins as outputs
  pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);  
  pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);  
  pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);

void loop() 
  digitalWrite(led1, HIGH); // turns the led ON
  delay(100);              // waiting time = 100 milliseconds    
  digitalWrite(led1, LOW);  // turns the led OFF
  digitalWrite(led2, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(led2, LOW);  
  digitalWrite(led3, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(led3, LOW);

Now upload the code above to your board and the result should be something like the video below.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Narcotics Anonymous in Cebu - Support Group Meetings

Last Sunday, I attended the christening of my best friend's daughter in Redemptorist Church here in Cebu and then I saw a signage in the church's bulletin board which caught my attention so I took a picture of it.

narcotics anonymous

I am not a drug addict but the reason why I took the picture of the signage because I am concerned with my close friends and that I want to spread this message. :)

So guys, if you have addiction problems join the support group fellowship meetings of Narcotics Anonymous!



7:30pm to 8:30pm

Redemptorist Church Conference Room


7:30pm to 8:30pm

Social Hall, Mabolo Parish Church

Thursday, October 25, 2012

MSP-EXP430G2 - MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit V.S. ACEduino 328 (Arduino Clone)


Hey guys, this is jjt and this is my first post for gerthy's blog which is maximu. Well, this blog is about random stuffs so I decided to share my two new micro-controllers at home which is one of my toys for now including my PS3 :p.

The red micro-controller from the image above is a MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit of Texas Instruments and the black one is an ACEduino 328 which is an Arduino Clone from Alexan Commercial. And so lemme present the descriptions for each hardware:

About MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development Tool 

The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad is a low cost flash programmer and debugging tool from Texas Instruments wherein you can drop in any 14 or 20-pin DIP MSP430 Value line device and start coding your applications. You can download the free compilers and debuggers for flashing this tool including Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart from their official website. The board itself has a built-in Flash emulation for debugging and programming, 2xUser LEDs, power LED, user button, reset button, and a 10-pin header for external circuit connection.

All in all, the package that ships with the box includes; 
- Launchpad Value Line development tool (MSP-EXP430G2)
- MSP430G2452IN20 - 8kB Flash, 256B RAM, 16GPIO, 1x 16 bit timer, WDT, BOR, 1xUSI(12C/SPI), 8ch 10-bit ADC, 8ch Comparator, Capacitive Touch I/O Module
- MSP430G2553IN20 - 16kB Flash, 512 RAM, 16 GPIO, 2x 16 bit timers, WDT, BOR, 1x USCI (12C/SPI/UART), 8ch 10-bit ADC, 8ch Comparator, Capacitive Touch I/O Module
- Mini USB Cable
- Quick Start Guide
- 10-pin PCB connectors - 2 male headers (populated) and 2 female headers
- Micro Crystal 32.768 kHz Oscillator.

This micro-controller costs 4.38$ and includes a free shipping if you but it online from their e-store.

About ACEduino 328

ACEduino 328

ACEduino 328 is an Arduino Clone from Alexan which is a good micro-controller for beginners especially for those who don't have little knowledge on electronics because there are a lot of Arduino C language learning references in ACEduino 328 is compatible with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) as long as you set your board options to Arduino ATMega 328.

The features for this board includes:
- 14 Digital Input/Output pins (6 of which are PWM outputs)
- 6 Analog Input pins (with pin for Analog reference)
- Different communication lines available - UART (Rx, Tx), I2C (SDA, SCL) and ISP (MISO, MOSI, SCL)
- On-board solderable prototyping nodes
- 32KB Flash Memory (ATmega328) and automatic power selector between USB and DC power

I bought this micro-controller in a local electronic shop here in Cebu for just 900+ pesos.

Which is better?

As a neutral enthusiast, I cannot say that the MSP-EXP430G2 - MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit is better than ACEduino 328 or vice versa. They have their own pros and cons but MSP-EXP430G2 has no full support for flashing or working under Linux unlike ACEduino 328 and that's why ACEduino 328 is the winner in terms of cross platform support. We all have our preferences but for now I'm focusing on enhancing my knowledge on Arduino which is a good open source hardware for me to start. I'm also starting to tinker my MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit and waiting for the shipment of my Stellaris Launchpad from Texas Instrument.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once Tasted Always Wanted Part2

SEX, DRUGS and Rock & Roll

Drugs comes with different patterns and addictions...Including Alcohol and Sex..As what they've said SEX, DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL!! This is all Part of the Addiction Process..Alcohol, Sex & Drugs always come together..Base on what i have observed from my drug addicted friends..
In some ways, many people struggle with alcohol disorders, inorder for them to counter the effect of this substance. Some people think they may counter the effect of drugs but they're fuckin' wrong, instead it will make them more dependent to it..So why USE DRUGS?  T'hat's the question..Sometimes I keep on wonderin' why people keep on wasting their money and when the party is over, they'll find a way to counter it.. And for some people, if they feel drunk they will go buy again  in order for them not to get drunk.. As in Party all night..Is this really necessary? They use drugs to keep them alive all night and POWERED UP!!..FUCK IT!!...
While the destructive pattern of Drug use begin with the voluntary act of taking drugs, Over time a person's ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised and seeking and consuming with the drugs becomes compulsive..For some addicts, especially to  female addicts, most people I know lacks of capacity to buy for their own. So in order for them to satisfy their cravings , it will them to prostitutions and escorting,etc.. Though they don't want to behave that way, but because they feel they have to do so..They will stoop down to that FUCKING BULLSHIT LEVEL because of their persistent desire to use drugs, neglecting other aspects in life because of their drug use. What the Fuck in this World is Happening to these Women? F***...What's with Drugs anyway? that would force them to do such a thing, selling their own flesh & blood..What are they thinking?
This is the effect of their uncontrollable drug craving, along with compulsive drug seeking and use that persistence even in the face of devastating consequences...
This our some Facts & Signs Of DRUG USE...
  • lack of appetite or increase of appetite
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • unable to sleep
  • cold, sweaty palms and shaking hands
  • Oily face; Blushing; or Paleness (On my side, If i'm powered Up..BLOOMING MUCH!! hahaha :D)
  • Bad breath, body or clothers
  • Extreme Hyperactivty and Excessive Talkativeness..
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Palpitations; Irregular Heartbeat
  • change in overall attitude/personality
  • change of friends; New Hangouts
  • change of activities or hobbies
  • Loss of interest in family
  • Forgetfullness
  • difficulty in paying attention
  • Moodiness; Irritability
  • Paranoia; Nervousness
  • Need for Privacys
  • Unreachable
  • Being Secretive and Suspicious Behavior
  • Chronic Dishonesty
  • Unexplained need of money, stealing money or items
  • change of personal grooming habits
  • Possession of Drug paraphernalia
So if this signs shows to a relative, your sister, your brother, your father, or to your mother...It is important to keep in mind, whatever the cause, they may warrant attention, especially if they persist...
Like in the Movie Lilo And Stitch...Ohana means Family...Family means nobody is left behind...Always let them know that you are always their if they seek help...A concerned Adult may help a youngster successfully Overcome an Addiction problem...



Once Tasted Always Wanted... (Part 1)

Why some people became dependent on drugs?

People use drugs in many different reasons...Most of them said at first, out of curiousity, to have a good time, not to get drunk, because their friends are also using, and some says to ease themselves from stress, personal probs & depression,etc...Using this substance doesn't mean it will automatically lead you to addiction or abuse..It's all up to you..It varies by individual, If u are willing to stop or not...No matter on how much or how little your are consuming, like twice a week, or some like twice a day or thrice...Some Uses even more...If this substance can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, you likely have a drug abuse or drug addiction problem,...leaving you feeling isolated and helpless...

Drug use can also lead you prison and you mentally disturbed..Change Of behavior, lack of appetite, and sudden weight loss or weight gain.. It will totally change you and your life giving you long term consequences (negative consequences including your mental health, employment and the law)..Addiction is a complex disorder, a chronic, relapsing brain disease.. While each drug produces different physical  & mental effects, all abused substances share one thing in common: repeated use can alter the way the brain looks and functions. And your brain won't function the same way before you start using this substance..So much better not to use it before it ends you...Coz me myself is a USER...BEFORE..

When you're addicted, you may not be able to control yourself on  drug use and you may continue using the drug despite the harm it will cause.  Addiction can cause an intense craving for the drug and will force you to steal. Craving is a part of being an addict. You may want to quit yet you will always think of using it again and again, while most drug addicts think they can can find a way and can do it on their own. Quitting is very difficult. If you're concerned with some people you know whose addicted to this substance, let them know that there is help whenever they need it..

Some people who experiment with this substance continue to use them because drugs either makes them feel good, or stops them from feeling bad. In many cases, however, there is a fine line between regular use and drug abuse and addiction, there's a negative and positive effect of drug use. Very few addicts are able to recognize when they have crossed that line.

Fortunately, this days treatments are available to help people who are misled by drugs and counter addiction’s powerful disruptive effects. Research shows that combining addiction treatment medications with behavioral therapy is the best way to ensure success for most patients. Treatment approaches that are tailored to each patient’s drug abuse patterns and any co-occurring medical, psychiatric, and social problems can lead to sustained recovery and a life without drug abuse. Yet, i still wont believe this would change the people who are involved in drugs without there willpower...And also some rehabilitation centers now, are selling drugs inside the rehab  as what I've heard..I have a friends who just came out in the rehab and as what i have observed from him, I was wondering why,..He just came out and how come he is getting worst he still uses..After 6 months of rehab, i thought he changed yet he didn't..REHABS now are no use without your willpower... or that an alternative treatment is needed to help the individual regain control and recover.

Overcoming addiction is a simply a matter of willpower. You can stop using drugs if you really want to...imply a matter of willpower. You can stop using drugs if you really want

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Authors: Lawrence Robinson, Melinda Smith, M.A., and Joanna Saisan, M.S.W
2.DrugFacts: Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction
3.Drug Abuse and Addiction
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